• Google Chrome extensions are small apps created using HTML, CSS, and javascript to add some special functionality to chrome. Many popular Chrome extensions serve users with a variety of options and functionality. Some of the popular chrome extensions are Grammarly, wappalyzer, etc. These extensions are developed for a single purpose like the Grammarly extension is for writers to check grammar.

  • Python is a very popular language that can be used to perform a wide variety of tasks. We can use python to perform operations like Machine Learning, Data Science, web applications, Mobile applications, Automation, etc., very easily. In this tutorial, we will use python to access weather data from an API for a specific area.

  • Node Js is one of the most popular server-side frameworks. Many companies are adopting node.js as their server-side language for developing their web applications. Some popular examples are Paypal, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Reddit, Netflix, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn the basics of getting started with Node Js. So let us proceed with our tutorial by looking at the benefits of using Node Js.

  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are all front-end web development languages. If you have a website, it will be supported by these languages in one way or the other. Shopify is an e-Commerce platform for all businesses. It is a subscription-based subscription that allows anyone to set up an online e-Commerce store and sell their products. For example, let’s say you need an online business to sell clothes. Shopify allows you to create an online store, add images and their prices and start selling. With Shopify, you can also build your store offline.

  • Ctags is a handy tool for navigating any programming language’s source code. Ctags parses identifiers, methods, classes, and other elements from the source code and saves the index in a tag file. Each tag is kept in its line. Ctags is a program that is supported by a wide range of programming languages. Functions, variables, class members, macros, and other items may be indexed depending on the language. These tags allow a text editor, a code search engine, or another utility to quickly and readily discover definitions.

  • Recursion is the core of programming and is used in many related concepts like sorting, tree traversal, and graphs. In addition, recursion has a wide variety of uses in data structures and algorithms, and even though it is a complex concept, it can be used to make the task easier.

  • Arrays are one of the most important data structures in our daily life. An array is a group of similar typed variables that are referred to by a common. In other words, we can define it as a contiguous memory location that stores data of the same type. Arrays offer a convenient means of grouping data items.

  • Python

    Python Flask

    by Humphrey

    Flask is a WSGI web application framework that is lightweight. It’s built to get started simple and quick, with the flexibility to scale up to more sophisticated projects. It started as a basic wrapper for Werkzeug and Jinja and has since grown into one of the most popular Python web application frameworks.

  • A growing number of computer science professionals believe that a graduate degree is required for success in the area. As a result, schools are reacting to the need by providing various options, including both on-campus and online computer science master’s degrees, to meet the demands of students from all walks of life.

  • We will use C++ to write programs to calculate the factorial of a number. We will take the number as an input from the user and then print the factorial of that number in the console. We will use two methods to calculate the factorial of the number, the first is by performing iteration with the help of loops, and the second is by using recursion.

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