files to.exe is a more common process than you would think. Consider the following scenario: you’ve just finished writing an excellent Python program and want to share it with the rest of the world.

  • Inheritance is one of the core concepts of an object-oriented language such as Java. Inheritance allows a new class to extend from an existing class known as the parent class. So when do we use inheritance? Consider a scenario where a vehicle describes a very general transportation model, then comes a car, bicycle, and truck.

  • Python list is one of the most useful data structures of Python. It is very similar to the arrays in Javascript and C++. However, like the multidimensional arrays, we can also create multidimensional lists known as nested lists. In this tutorial, we discussed four amazing methods for finding the second largest number of a python list.

  • Let’s take some time today and discuss this awesome feature in HTML “horizontal line.” First of all, you may need to know if HTML “horizontal line” is a tag or an attribute. You can find more about HTML attributes well explained here. In this case, the HTML horizontal line is a block-level element or, in other words, a tag.

  • Patterns are often considered an effective method to learn logic building and acquire expertise in manipulating loops. Printing a palindrome pattern is amongst the favorite questions of an interviewer. To counter that, in this article, we will discuss palindrome patterns of letters and numbers.

  • Transforming one kind of data type to another kind in Python involves the use of various functions. This article aims to provide details on how to convert a string to a float. The float() function in Python can be used to convert a string to a float. It’s a built-in feature for converting a floating-point number to an entity. Internally, the float() function calls the float() function of the defined item.

  • C++ and Python are the most popular languages of this time. They both are used in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Scientific Programming, Developing Software, etc. C++ is a swift language, and it is also similar to C and close to the hardware, so we can write very efficient and fast programs using it.

  • The method of eliminating a dimension from a list is known as flattening a list. A dimension is a coordinate that is needed to locate an object in a list. Multiple dimensions can be present in a Python list. This means you’ve got a list inside a list. These lists, also known as “nested lists,” can be transformed back to standard lists.

  • Dictionaries are frequently used in our day in day out activities as developers. They allow us to store key, value pairs of data in an organized and presentable manner. They also enable us to access the data in constant time O(1).

  • Dark themes are one of the most popular concepts in modern design. They are used in many modern Android applications, Desktop applications, and Web applications. You can find several graphics-oriented websites using the dark theme concept in their design. Dark themes give our eyes a little bit of relaxation, and it’s also easy to read the text. While dark themes are great, many peoples do not like the dark concept and prefer the light theme design.

  • In Python, we look at a list as a data structure that is a mutable (or changeable) ordered sequence of elements. A list’s items are the elements or values that make up the list. Lists are characterized by values between square brackets [ ], just as characters between quotes define strings.

  • Before coding the example of a matrix spiral, we need to see how to create a matrix in C++. To create a matrix in C++, we use a 2D array, and we can declare it as the following.

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