Permissions are a set of rules (or constraints) that allow a user or a group of users to view, add, alter, or delete items in Django. Django has a permissions system built-in. It enables you to provide permissions to individual users or groups of users.

  • While pip recognizes hundreds of OAuth 2 packages, only a few perform what they’re meant to do. So, after having user authentication in place. You now want your users to be able to log in using Twitter, Facebook, or Google. It’s no problem. You’re just a few lines of code away from accomplishing your goal. This tutorial will show you Python Social Auth to incorporate OAuth 2 into your Django or Django Rest Framework.

  • Docker is a program that makes managing application processes in containers much more accessible. Containers allow you to run your programs in separate processes with their resources. Containers are comparable to virtual machines, except they’re more portable, resource-friendly, and reliant on the host OS.

  • Google is the most popular search engine. It is widely used in almost every country for searching. To search for something in the Google Search engine, first, we need to open our favorite web browser. Then, we need to visit and type the query we want to search. The result will appear in the browser after searching. But sometimes, we also have to access the Google search programmatically for automation or building an AI assistant.

  • In this tutorial, we will learn how to extract dates and times from raw strings. Extracting helpful information like dates is very useful while parsing raw texts such as logs. You can also use an IDE for writing the code. Here, I am using the open-source VS Code IDE provided by Microsoft. VS Code is a cross-platform IDE. We can use it on any platform like Windows, Linux, or macOS.

  • Because these disciplines constitute the foundation of all machine learning algorithms, math and statistics are vital for data science. Every element of our lives is influenced by mathematics. From shapes, patterns, and colors to counting petals in flowers, everything around us is based on mathematics and statistics.

  • Python

    Python substring

    by Humphrey

    The term “string” refers to a collection of Unicode characters. A string is a collection of characters that can include both alphanumeric and special characters. We will learn about substring in Python and how it works in this article:

  • Python has recently become one of the most widely used programming languages on the planet. It’s utilized in various applications, including machine learning, website development, the Internet Of Things, and software testing. It is suitable for both developers and non-developers.

  • The java unreachable statement is a compilation error thrown when the compiler detects a code that was not executed as part of the program. When you reach this state, it means that your program would not be executed anymore, and hence this piece of code is unnecessary and should be removed.

  • Python

    Tuples in Python

    by Humphrey

    In this article, you will learn about Python tuples, including what they are, how to create them, when to use them, the operations you can perform on them, and the various functions you should be familiar with.

  • One of the reasons that Python is so valuable is that there are several packages that we can install that extend the capabilities of Python. For example, if we want MATLAB-like functionality matrices numerical analysis, you can use numpy, optimizers, and differential equation solvers. Further, several other packages like matplotlib help us plotting, while Pygame helps develop a graphical user interface and build diverse games. xlwings, on the other hand, allows us to interface with excel. In addition, we have others like open CV, computer vision, etc.

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