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  • The rounding of numbers is an essential part of programming languages. Rounding refers to the process in which a number is made simpler, but its value is kept close to the initial value. It aids in estimating and utilizing a number according to the user’s needs. Users can, therefore, round numbers to 2 decimal places by using different methods in JavaScript.

  • When developing web applications, it is necessary to include the current date and time on which a particular operation was performed according to the user’s local zone. This requirement can be filled out using the date class. For instance, when you submit data via a form, you may want to include the date that the data was created or when the data was submitted.

  • An array is a unique variable capable of holding more than one value. It is one of the most common datatypes used when working with an ordered list of values. It can hold many values under a single name, which can be accessed by referring to an index number.

  • When programming in JavaScript, you will encounter various situations where you must compare two strings before performing an operation. For instance, a user can only log in to a website if its name matches the existing names stored in the database. In such situations, the ‘Strict Equality Operator’ compares the strings. The functionality of comparison in JavaScript is not only limited to value-based comparisons. Strings are compared for various reasons. Some of the reasons include the following:

  • Java

    Upcasting in Java

    by Lucy

    Typecasting transforms one data type into another, and object typecasting includes upcasting and downcasting. The object can also be typecast in Java, just as datatypes. Additionally, there are two sorts of objects: parent and child objects. Parent to Child and Child to Parent, or Upcasting and Downcasting, are the two types of typecasting that can occur for an object.

  • An open-source app framework called the Spring Framework, or simply Spring, offers infrastructure aid for creating applications in the Java language. Spring is one of the most well-liked and versatile Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) frameworks. It assists programmers in building fast Java objects-based applications (POJOs).

  • Java

    Spring Bean Lifecycle in Java

    by Lucy

    Any object’s lifecycle describes its birth, how it develops during life, and how it dies. Similarly, the bean life cycle describes the instantiation of the bean. Further, it considers the actions it takes to live and the timing and method of its demise. We’ll talk about the bean’s life cycle in this post.

  • We will explore a ternary operator in Javascript in this tutorial and see how helpful it is for clear code. Every developer or programmer aspires to write clean code since it is a good practice. To shorten the code, use the ternary operator (?:) in JavaScript.

  • A character pattern is what makes up a regular expression. The text uses the pattern to do “search-and-replace” operations that match patterns. Further, a RegExp Object in JavaScript is a pattern with properties and methods.

  • The array’s chosen elements are returned as a new array by the slice() method. The slice() method also chooses between a specified start and a specified (not inclusive) end. However, the original array is unaltered by the slice() technique.

  • In JavaScript, array reduce is a predefined method for lowering an array to a single value by passing a callback function for each array element. It accepts a process run on all the elements of the supplied array in the left-to-right order. The single value returned is saved in the accumulator.

  • When provided with an array, the forEach() function is responsible for calling a function for every item in the given array. However, it is worth noting that this method does not execute when no elements exist.