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  • NodeJs is one of the most popular server-side frameworks for building web applications. This framework is completely based on the javascript language, which makes it popular among developers. Since developers must learn Javascript while working in frontend development. NodeJs makes the developers happy as they do not have to learn any other language for the server-side and can use Javascript as a server-side language. We have a step-by-step guide on getting started with NodeJs you can refer to it to learn the basics of NodeJS and quickly get started using the framework.

  • Google Chrome extensions are small apps created using HTML, CSS, and javascript to add some special functionality to chrome. Many popular Chrome extensions serve users with a variety of options and functionality. Some of the popular chrome extensions are Grammarly, wappalyzer, etc. These extensions are developed for a single purpose like the Grammarly extension is for writers to check grammar.

  • Node Js is one of the most popular server-side frameworks. Many companies are adopting node.js as their server-side language for developing their web applications. Some popular examples are Paypal, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart, Reddit, Netflix, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn the basics of getting started with Node Js. So let us proceed with our tutorial by looking at the benefits of using Node Js.

  • Dark themes are one of the most popular concepts in modern design. They are used in many modern Android applications, Desktop applications, and Web applications. You can find several graphics-oriented websites using the dark theme concept in their design. Dark themes give our eyes a little bit of relaxation, and it’s also easy to read the text. While dark themes are great, many peoples do not like the dark concept and prefer the light theme design.