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  • Html forms are one of the most important HTML tags for interacting with the user. They are used to taking input from the user, and most commonly, the inputs were sent to the server-side for further processing. Forms are used to build contact pages, login pages, etc., on a site. We can collect different types of data using forms such as email addresses, usernames, passwords, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc. To build an Html form, we need to use the

    tag element of Html.

  • Dark themes are one of the most popular concepts in modern design. They are used in many modern Android applications, Desktop applications, and Web applications. You can find several graphics-oriented websites using the dark theme concept in their design. Dark themes give our eyes a little bit of relaxation, and it’s also easy to read the text. While dark themes are great, many peoples do not like the dark concept and prefer the light theme design.